Aged Corporations


We offer Aged Corporations that can be utilized for building business credit and eventually obtain funding.

All Aged Corporations are free of any financial history, no trade lines attached, and ready for your business credit build out.

We have available Aged Corp inventory from

5 years to 25 years+. Contact us for complete pricing.

Fast transfer.

Delivered with Certificate of Good Standing

Upon delivery.  You will immediately be able to verify your new business with the Secretary of State.

By owning an Aged entity you will have:

* Instant availability and fast delivery

* Show longevity of company filing with SOS

* Immediately own an Aged Company
* Eventually obtain larger funding



Articles of Incorporation, also referred to as the Certificate of Incorporation, or Articles of Amendment are a document that establishes the existence of a Corporation.  They are filed with the Secretary of State.

Articles of Incorporation establish the existence of your corporation in your name.

The Articles of Incorporation typically include the name of the corporation, the type of corporate structure, the registered agent (if applicable), the number of authorized shares, the effective date, the duration, and the names and signature of the Incorporator.

Foreign Filing


A Corporation or LLC conducting business in one state when incorporated in another state is considered a 'foreign business' and must qualify as a foreign business to legally do business in that state.


For example, a business incorporated in Florida that wants to do business in California would be considered a foreign corporation in California, and as a result, the Florida corporation must qualify (or register, depending on the state) as a foreign corporation to do business in California.

We can Foreign File your business in the state you are 'doing business in'.  This will allow your business to legally do business in that state and be registered with the Secretary of State in good standing.



An Employer Identification Number (EIN),  is a nine-digit number that you use when you register a business entity, obtain a business loan, open a business bank account, build business credit and much more. 

Business credit bureaus use your EIN and/or your D-U-N-S Number to identify your business’s activities, payments, and trade lines when reported, and business credit scoring systems can use this data to generate scores and reports for your business.

Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a free service offered by the IRS, and it will serves to identify you as a business entity.



D&B Number


A Dun & Bradstreet Number also known as D&B Number or D-U-N-S Number is a nine-digit number that is unique to each business.  


Your Dun & Bradstreet file will keep track of 

all your company’s data, trade line payment history, Company Info, etc. and compile it

into a business credit report.

Creditors will pull your Dun and Bradstreet credit and check on your business if you

apply for a loan or line of credit or business credit. If you want to apply for any type of business credit, you will need to be listed in the Dun and Bradstreet database.

We can supply you with this free information as to how to obtain it.

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